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Education forms the basis of any society. Studies show that when quality education is made accessible, the alternatives of crime and poverty are greatly reduced. Education, regardless of locale, plays a significant role in personal and socioeconomic development.

Hubbard Digital believes that education is a human right. The Gainful Employment Act of 2010, as well as the increasing popularity of online education, are positive signs that many are subscribing to this ideology. Online education, in particular, has proven to be as viable as it is a reflection of the global economy, where sharing and collaboration are done from remote locations.

This similarity, coupled with an unprecedented cost-efficiency, makes online education both practical and attainable. Educators and students alike benefit from reduced costs, as well as a constructivist learning environment. Additionally, the absence of international barriers enhances the online learning experience and knowledge is applied in a global context. Materials with open licenses further this cause.

These freely available materials are collectively known as Open Education Resources (OER). Adopted in 2002 by UNESCO, an international co-operation, OER has since evolved into a humanitarian effort which seeks to balance information with accessibility. The concept is gaining momentum due to its potential for wide distribution and ability to engage students from impoverished or remote communities.

While not an “accredited” solution for learning, more than 60 recognized institutions from around the world have begun implementing OER curriculums (D’Atoni, 2007). With the continued spread of Internet access, D’Antoni (2007) acknowledges the traditional classroom establishment, but argues that “education for all” is inevitable. She cites the community efforts of IIEP and the Hewlett Foundation, which resulted in OER awareness in 98 countries (60 of those countries described as “developing”) to back this claim.

Other big names behind the OER movement are the Yale Law School (Yale ISP), New York University, and Hewlett Packard (HP), all of which have sponsored the University of the People, the world’s first tuition-free online university dedicated to the global advancement and democratization of higher education.

Hubbard Digital is an advocate for Open Education Resources. We support open educational schools and entities by providing rich advertisement and content at no cost. Knowledge is the commonwealth of humankind, and we endeavor to make education attainable to learners and educators without any accompanying fees.

To learn how we can assist your open educational project, call us today at (404) 903-9076.


D’Antoni, S. (2007). Sharing content: Access to knowledge. International Institute for Educational Planning Newsletter, 25 (2), 3. Retrieved from

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