Green Technology

Green Technology is a relatively new concept. Commonly referred to as Green Tech, and used interchangeably with Clean and Environmental Technology, the idea is to promote sustainable resource management through environment-friendly methods. Simply put, it is one of many ways of protecting Mother Earth against the evolution of modern technology.

Working to conserve our natural resources is a civic duty that must be championed individually. Green Tech bridges that awarenesss with innovation, enabling the discovery of alternative resources that, when applied, can reduce Global Warming and other hazardous and undesirable effects on our ecosystem.

But for Green Tech to really make a difference, it must be accessible to every individual and organization. As such, manufacturers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs have begun encouraging their patrons to “go green.” New technologies are being implemented every day, while older ones have undergone makeovers for the sole purpose of superseding their predecessors. Even the packaging for these products employ biodegradeable or reusuable materials. These practices have spawned green preferred purchasing, or, a way for consumers to shop responsibly by opting for green and environment-friendly products.

While the influence of Green Tech can be seen in recycling, waste management, and air and water purification, energy remains its most significant area. Renewable energies, like wind, water, and solar power, are becoming increasingly popular in federal and private markets. As a result, Green Tech has greatly impacted the future of transportation and architectural design. Green homes, in particular, not only involve environment-friendly paint and construction materials, but window and floor coverings that prevent outgassing as well as the actual selection real property.

Our Contribution to Green Technology

At Hubbard Digital, we are committed to the healing of our global environment. We strongly believe that everyone should do their part–not just to stop the depletion of natural resources, but in order to bequeath an efficient planet to future generations. We lead by example, and encourage our patrons and colleagues to go green. We also patronize companies with green purchasing policies.

Our headquarters (just north of Atlanta, Georgia) makes use of energy-efficient power strips and fluorescent bulbs. We also use digital solutions to communicate, reducing paper and clutter. All unwanted products and furniture are donated, and we recycle our paper and office supplies.

Green Tech is constantly evolving. As sustainable designs and inventions are executed, Hubbard Digital is dedicated to implementing them as an advocate for Green Technology.

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